Being LAR Process Analyzers, we offer a variety of quality training courses that are designed to give you the tools to maintain your system for optimum performance. These courses range from a basic one-day overview course to a more comprehensive three-day course. Trainings can be conducted at our facilities in our brand-new training center in Frankfurt am Main (F), in Berlin (B), Remotely (R) or in-person at your site.

We design the training courses to be limited in size, thus providing the individualized attention to address your specific technical and application questions. Regardless of the location, you will receive only experienced instructors. The training courses are a great way to deepen your experience and know-how with the instruments and software.

Please view the 2021 training schedule for course content and training dates. Compliance with the Corona rules are important to us. We will inform you in time about possible changes of dates or locations. Please contact Technical Support for specific questions related to the training schedule.

Due to the modular nature of our training content, we are able to tailor trainings to your specific needs.

Basic Training

3 days, each day  4 x 1.5 hour sessions
No prior knowledge necessary for participation.

Training sessions in remote format (R)
Training sessions in our facilities in Frankfurt am Main (F)
Training sessions in our facilities in Berlin (B)

Contact us to find out the technical requirements!

Basic Training
in English

14th – 16th of Mar. 2023 (B)
18th – 20th of Apr. 2023 (F)
5th – 7th of Sep. 2023 (B) 
17th – 19th of Oct. 2023 (R)

Basic Training
in German

14th – 16th of Feb. 2023 (B)
21st – 23rd of Mar. 2023 (B)
25th – 27th of Apr. 2023 (R) 
12nd – 14th of Sep. 2023 (F)
7th – 9th Nov. 2023 (B)

Basic Training
in Mandarin

On demand

Advanced Training

3 days, each day 4 x 1.5 hour sessions
Basic training or equivalent qualification to attend.

Advanced Training
in English

20th – 22nd Jun. 2023 (R)
21st – 23rdth Nov. 2023 (F)

Advanced Training
in German

13rd – 15th Jun. 2023 (R)
21st– 23rd Nov. 2023 (F)

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