Digital remote support solutions

Downtime of complex machines and plants is a major problem in industry and costs 45 billion euros annually. If a machine breaks down, production cannot continue, critical logistics processes come to a standstill and money is burned. When a machine stops, immediate troubleshooting is the most important thing to ensure production. This process is often still handled in a very analog way via telephone, eMail or on-site visits.

With Process Insights GO we offer a digital remote support platform for industrial services to reduce downtime, save service costs and thus ensure the effectiveness and quality of our customers’ processes.

Process Insights GO

Plant operators and service technicians can connect with our service experts to ensure fast communication remotely. Whether via desktop PC, cell phone or smartglass, Process Insights GO is a service solution that provides fast and effective support to reduce downtime and increase overall plant effectiveness.

From the occurrence of the problem to the filing of the developed solution, the efficient solution bundles all service communication on the platform, making it transparent and documentable. With Process Insights GO, our knowledgeable service experts can resolve a wide range of customer concerns, from simple software and hardware issues to complex application issues. Often, issues can be resolved without the delay or expense of an on-site visit.

We offer all services remotely wherever possible and beneficial to our customers.

Remote Connected Service - Process Insights GO

Remote Support Tools

  • Process Insights GO, in combination with smart glasses or other mobile devices
  • MS Teams
  • WhatsApp
  • Google Hangout
  • Other solutions

Digital Remote Service

It may happen that the field service cannot solve a technical problem. An expert must be contacted and asked for help. Expert knowledge is usually conveyed via phone calls, emails, unsecured private messages or travel. Often these communication channels are ineffective and travel is time consuming and costly.

Process Insights GO is a comprehensive remote support platform that enables digital collaboration and storage of generated expert knowledge. It works on all major platforms, in a web browser, on PCs as a desktop application, on Android smartphones and tablets, on iPads and iPhones, and on smart glasses.

Working with your hands free

Smart Glasses are the digital service tool of the future because they offer an intuitive way to work hands-free.

Structured work in cases

Create service cases for your technical problems to enable structured work per problem. With a chronological sequence, everyone involved in the case can follow the progress at any time.

Interactive video conferencing

Interactive video conferencing with any number of participants. We use several interactive pointer tools to highlight relevant points on the video screen.

Seamless connection | Immediate improvement of the product life cycle

Traditionally, service was performed by technicians on-site, and only after the fault or total failure occurred.  With our robust and secure remote service solution, engineers and technicians can now access real-time monitoring, analysis and status.

  • Track service progress
  • Download service reports
  • Schedule maintenance visits
  • Track orders
  • Manage deliverables
  • View contract details

Seamlessly connect with global experts to diagnose issues and gain real-time insights before major disruptions and outages occur that negatively impact your business.

Connect better | Diagnose quickly | Optimize operation

  • Access to a greater number of professionals worldwide.
  • Enjoy fast, real-time connectivity.
  • Get real-time insight into work status.
  • Transition from reactive to proactive repairs.
  • Instant access to experts.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Enable real-time remote diagnostics.
  • Less downtime for your business.
  • Manage multiple devices from a remote location.
  • Improves employee performance.
  • Reduces risk and errors.
  • Improves information accuracy, flow, and collaboration.

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