Water Analysis in Labs & Research

Global environmental challenges drive us to make a continuous contribution to improving water quality and to innovative measurement technologies.

In addition to online analysis with analytical instruments installed directly in the processes to be monitored, LAR also offers analytical instruments for laboratory use.

The COD, for example, is one of the most important sum parameters in water analysis. It is regarded as a reference for the organic load of wastewater, both in industrial and municipal applications. In general, laboratory methods are based on the use of different reagents, which often cause secondary pollution. Furthermore, laboratory analyses are more time-consuming than online methods. Therefore, LAR has further developed its high-temperature method at 1,200°C and offers a chemical-free COD analysis that is particularly environmentally friendly.

Within the scope of several international projects in the fields of river monitoring, environmental monitoring and wastewater monitoring, LAR contributes with its knowledge and expertise to the continuous development of its methods and analyzers.

LAR’s Solutions and Beneftis

  • Online Process Analyzers:

    Application-specific water quality analyzers as turnkey solutions for your analytical measuring requirements.

  • Worldwide Support:

    Our Customer Success Team supports you from the first contact to realization and commissioning to after sales services. We care for you!

  • Effective Water Management:

    Using the proper online process instrumentation helps to avoid high costs, e.g. by preventing product losses or losses of heating energy.

International Projects

iWaGSS South Africa

The Integrated Water Governance Support System (iWaGSS) is the development and practical pilot implementation of an innovative water governance system basing on new technologies and tools for mitigating water stress and for a sustainable management of the water resources in the South African pilot region Phalaborwa as well as in other regions with overstressed water resources in Africa and worldwide.

AKIZ Vietnam

The continued strong economic growth in Vietnam increases the demand on appropriate sites for industrial parks. Currently, there are more than 200 industrial zones (IZ) registered, the majority of which do not have sustainable wastewater treatment.

develoPPP Uzbekistan

In 2014 the internationally organized project was launched in Uzbekistan. The project’s main objective is the optimization of existing analysis and monitoring systems, to ensure high quality of drinking water and water for domestic use.

WAYS China

The WAYS project is currently one of the most extensive Chinese-German collaborative water management  projects. The overall objective of the project aims to provide a much needed improvement of water management and to the condition of water when disposed of throughout China.

Certifications and partnerships

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