This century is characterized by global environmental challenges. Surface water and river water pollution is of special importance, as clean water forms the foundation of life. It therefore requires special attention in terms of quality. Regional authorities are requested to prepare measures for the improvement of water quality and to establish its provision.

In order to secure sustainability in international projects, local authorities develop innovative solutions for the safety of water in cooperation with foreign companies and institutions. Lately, a variety of such joint projects are being realized around the world, with the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research especially sponsoring projects that are based on the cooperative partnership between industry and science.

We at LAR take our product responsibility seriously. For this reason we make a continuous contribution to the development of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies.

Our participations und contributions

Furnace for Water Analysis

Development of a furnace for water analysis with a reactor temperature of 1200°C and a power consumption of less than 230 W

AKIZ Vietnam

The continued strong economic growth in Vietnam increases the demand on appropriate sites for industrial parks. Currently, there are more than 200 industrial zones (IZ) registered, the majority of which do not have sustainable wastewater treatment.

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